Voice of War

This is a response to a uni project based around the theme of 'BANG!'

We were asked to experiment with the word and all it means, then take something from out experiments and produce a final application.

I began experimenting typographically with the wartime poetry of Wilfred Owen, trying to show the sounds and sights described in the type itself.

This evolved into me creating and branding an imaginary exhibition of Owen's work, based on the imagery I created. The video below would be a trailer to advertise the exhibition alongside various posters, leaflets etc

The main text was created in letterpress, then scanned and re-scanned lots of times to create the fractured look. I then strung all the images together and jazzed them up in After Effects to make the video you see before you!

I'm hopefully going to get everything printed properly and photographed very soon so more photos next week!


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