Pinterest Round-up

I love Pinterest. My blog design is even inspired by it! I use Pinterest every day, not just for general browsing but its also a great place to research new projects. I pin a lot so I thought I'd pick my very favourites to show on here every now and again. Onwards!




Sunny England

Would you believe this is what the weather was like just 2 weeks ago? I took full advantage and headed for the seaside. Wales to be precise!

There's a little charity shop I always stop by in Rhos-on-Sea which is slightly up the coast. Always get such amazing finds there, such as this copy of Haydn's Creation for £1 and a Kodak Duaflex for £2!




The Netherlands

I spent 9 days on a river cruise around The Netherlands last month, taking in the sights Franeker, Arnhem, Amsterdam and many others! My favourite place has to be Franeker, in particular the lovely art nouveau Planetarium Cafe (I was so busy enjoying my coffee I neglected to take any pictures :S). I highly recommend it if you're ever there. Although very cold, it did make for some crisp and blue photos. And of course I sampled the many sweet delights the Dutch have to offer...

There was also an amazing exhibition displayed across some hoardings outside Amsterdam station. This was one of my favourites, some kind of folded paper affair that makes me want to have a go!



Finally going through my pictures from France last summer. More to come!


Digital Innovation Interview

Digital Innovation Digital Alumni Katie Hilton Manchester Metropolitan University

I was recently interviewed by Manchester Metropolitan University Digital Innovation website. My very first press piece! I graduated from the the uni's Graphic Design Course last year and they like to catch up with what people have been up to.

Have a gander!

Digital Innovation: Digital Alumni - Katie Hilton


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