I've recently been working on a collaboration with filmmaker Zoe Hitchen on a video for iconic brand Pretty Polly and pattern design studio Patternity. The video was shown for the first time at a special fashion film screening at London Fashion Week on Monday! Here's a brief overview on the event over at Fred Butler Style blog HERE. The full video will be up on my site in the near future!

Photo by Ryan Saradjola

Instagram Round-up

I haven't posted for a while on account of a lot of work and a lot of not being at home! Last month I head to London for a few days filled mostly with museums and cakes. 

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Prince William, Hairy, Kate Middleton

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Trooping the Colour

Whilst having a stroll around the centre our path was suddenly overrun with horses heading to the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony in honour of the Queen's birthday. Whilst it's not something I'd take time out to see it was a nice surprise all the same. Also spotted Princes Harry and William and Kate filing past in the car.

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - V&A Glass

A little photo from the V&A Museum glass displays.

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Lily Vanilli Bakery Columbia Road

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Lily Vanilli Bakery Columbia Road

The Lily Vanilli Bakery! I've admired designer turned baker Lily Vanilli for so long now that I was worried her bakery in London's Columbia Road may not live up to my expectations but boy did it! It has become my firm favourite of all the London bakeries I've visited over the years. It's only open on Sundays so if you're around that way I highly recommend popping in for some baked goods and amazing coffee.

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Teacup Columbia Road

A small find on Columbia Road to add to my teacup collection.

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Brunch

Brunch - what weekends are for!

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Fruit Tart

Fresh fruit tart.

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - B Typography

And lastly a few summer eats...

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Nobbly Bobbly

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Fab Lolly

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Rose Cupcakes

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Roasted Plums

Katie Hilton Graphic Design - Roasted Plums

Harris Camera

Katie Hilton Harris Camera Triple Exposure

I came across a great new photography app called Harris Camera this week that creates triple exposures. Here a couple of little tests with it, I hope to do some more soon!

Katie Hilton Harris Camera Triple Exposure

Instagram Round-up

Katie Hilton Ice Cream

Although being stuck in the studio most of the week while the nice weather continued outside I did have a nice break out for a free Mr Whippy courtesy of fellow tenant of The Sharp Project.

Katie Hilton Crosby Beach Antony Gormley

A day off meant a trip to Crosby and Southport! Antony Gormley's 'Another Place' is one of the only sculpture projects that has ever appealed to me. I've been and photographed it countless times.

Katie Hilton Hesketh Park Victorian Glasshouse Southport

Hesketh Park in Southport

Katie Hilton Hesketh Park Southport

Katie Hilton Jame's Italian Manchester Ravioli

This Wednesday was my birthday and I was treated to lunch at Jamies Italian Manchester. Had the very Spring-like Pea & Mint Ravioli!

Katie Hilton The Great Gatsby Penguin

Katie Hilton Crystallised Flowers

Animated Type

Spiral iPad Animated Type - Katie Hilton

Little test of animated type using an interactive iPad app. The animated letters were then put together and re-coloured in After Effects.

I'm been really interested in finding ways to animate type in unusual ways for a while now. I like the idea of animating in camera or by interacting with the type by hand rather than fully computer generated. I often put all the letters together in After Effects however. 

I worked on another project last year for university and came up with some typefaces consisting of cheese, lemons and lights!

Litte Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall National Trust

I took full advantage of the bank holiday last week and headed for Little Moreton Hall, an amazingly preserved Tudor building in Congleton.

The timber framed structure was built over 500 years ago, but is still going strong (albeit quite wonky!) I'm a bit of a National Trust obsessive so I've been to a lot, but this is by far one of the most stunning ones. As always for the National Trust, the restaurant was delicious and the guided tour fascinating. I highly recommend taking a trip there if you're interested in history, or just nice buildings in general!

Little Moreton Hall National Trust

I went for the Afternoon Tea with Carrot Cake :D

Little Moreton Hall National Trust

Reproduction of a traditional Tudor boardgame.

Little Moreton Hall National Trust

Little Moreton Hall National Trust

Little Moreton Hall National Trust

Pinterest Round-up

I love Pinterest. My blog design is even inspired by it! I use Pinterest every day, not just for general browsing but its also a great place to research new projects. I pin a lot so I thought I'd pick my very favourites to show on here every now and again. Onwards!

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