Ted Baker

Poster with cut out thaumatrope.

Final products made up for the Ted Baker Brief! We had to 'create an intergrated campaign that articulates the Ted brand in a chosen catagory'. Specifically focusing on the 'irreverent British humour' of the brand and utilizing non-traditional media. I chose eyewear, and went with the theme of flying glasses. I was inspired the surreal nature of much British comedy (such as Monty Python) and decided to kind of personify the glasses, and show them (and the Ted brand) as being completely different and unusual. The style came from researching Victorian circus' and sideshows. I wanted to physically show these glasses flying in a kind of promotion that could be handed to people and experienced, so I created some Victorian animation devices: the Thaumatrope and Phenakistoscope. The POS and packaging surrounding these also follows the same theme.

The set.

Paper carrier bag.

Box for glasses case.

Thaumatrope & Packaging.

Phenakistoscope & Packaging

Label and instructions for tropes.


Window display proposal.

I enjoyed doing this immensely!

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  1. You've just made me depressed about my Ted. Amazing!!


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